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Career Guidance and Counseling Programs

Career Guidance and counseling for children above the age of fourteen is a necessity today. With more than 4000 careers to choose from, the need for Career Guidance at the right time is as important as educating and skilling them.


Planning at the right age keeps the focus and the choices better. Infidea's Career Guidance Program also makes the student-life more stress free and holistic. Usually guidance, planning and counseling has been happening as a natural process along with academic results, parent/ elders/ relatives referencing, market trends and sometimes friends’ influence. It is at this juncture today the need for a proper assessment along with the above is necessary.


The assessment of an individual student’s interests, ability and personality is done using proven tools. The administration of these tools has been done on lakhs of students in India. The reports give a clear understanding of   the student’s interest, ability and personality. Apart from the diagnostic reports, views from the student regarding their ambition, strengths are captured. The facts captured are related to the achievements in academics as well as non academic areas.


This report along with the other data captured, become the basis of guiding the child to the right professions as the end goal. These could either match with the ambitions stated or could be suggestions which are better for the student. This is one of the areas of counseling which is required when this arises. The need for explaining this along with clear suggestions and guidance becomes important for parental as well as child motivation.


The area of career guidance and counseling is in terms of subject choices and courses to take up. In India there are more than 55,000 courses offered in the 31000 institutions for school leaving students. This requires proper informed decisions during application. The social and economic background is also an important parameter to keep in mind while counseling this.


The assessment leads to two more crucial areas of a student’s life and Guidance helps here too. These are the areas of learning ability as each human mind has a way of learning. The assessment helps identify this and enable the child to make learning meaningful and useful.


The other area for Guidance is in as far as the personality. Grooming and awareness at an early age makes the personality more rounded and effects the proper growth for the professional world.


The need for career guidance and counseling of students and their guardians is becoming essential to make their future happy and successful.


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