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Infidea is a leading training service provider in India engaged in Corporate Training, Consulting, Coaching, Counselling & Key-note Speaking. The idea behind formation of Infidea was to deliver end to end quality training solutions to a large cross section of the modern society ranging from corporates, educational institutions, professionals and even students. Today Infidea is a consortium of dedicated Consultants, Trainers, Teachers and Transformers. These experts bring desired transformation in people and organization by effective customized consulting, training, coaching and counselling.
Infidea believes in creating “Infinite Ideas Beyond Excellence” at all levels of management by inculcating 3P’s: Passion, People Orientation and Performance Orientation. In today’s dynamic world which is changing every day, excellence in any field is the bare minimum requirement. The core value of Infidea is not only to guide our delegates attain excellence but also to generate ideas for thinking beyond excellence. Our programmes are designed in such a way so as to encourage out-of-the-box thinking with tailor made solutions fit for different situations.
Why do we want people to achieve better results? Because in an ever changing world and a growing urgency to create more equitable societies, we believe that people who continue to develop themselves are best equipped to really contribute and make a sustainable difference..View More


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