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Corporate Training

Performance management and productivity is the key to success in future and people with proper vision and goals will emerge winners in this survival for the fittest game. To help in this process, we shall be reaching out to different cities across India in the coming months with standardized training programs to help corporate and their employees in all stages of development.

At Infidea, we have invested in cutting-edge research-based program development, learning and assessment strategies which all point to building a strong foundation. By priming your people with a high performance mindset, as a foundation, your teams will be:

  • focused on the success of their peers and themselves
  • possess resilient behavioral strengths which will enhance individual effectiveness
  • increasingly engaged, productive and able to perform under pressure.

Our Approach.

Infidea’s approach to training is very hands on and experiential one. Infidea has developed tools and approaches that ensure a great degree of effectiveness in the training that leads to actual solutions to issues and challenges.

Our workshops and training programs incorporate hands-on activities that simulate work environment practices and support immediate transfer of knowledge and skills to the workplace. Learning transfer and the reinforcement of learned skills are integral to Infidea’s approach to design, development and delivery. Seasoned learning professionals work with you to develop and implement strategies to drive the transfer of learning to job performance and business results, and to measure, assess and document the results.

Delivered to your employees on your schedule, at your convenience, and developed around your needs, our training ensures that your employees receive effective and applicable skills and knowledge. We choose an evaluation strategy that is appropriate to your training initiative because we are committed to delivering results to your business

Our clients enjoy the unifying benefits of consistent training across all locations, as well as the flexibility of choosing a delivery method that suits their needs . Wherever our client divisions are located, we are there to support them.